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What we do

If it's got an Alfa Romeo badge, we know about it. Whether it is a bespoke model, a rare sportscar, a run-of-the-mill sporty hatch, a new or used vehicle, we have worked with and for the 'Scudetto' for enough years to offer the complete range of services. Once you come to Autodelta, we like to nurture both you as a customer (and Alfa Romeo enthusiast) and your car. A relationship which will never rust. 



Simply put, Autodelta has a team of engineers and designers who convert brand new, used or indeed classic Alfa Romeos into solid high-performance vehicles.


Cars can be ordered new from Autodelta, or from the Alfa Romeo factory/other dealers. Our engines are shipped everywhere, from Germany to Australia, and Autodelta has a substantially good reputation within the Alfa Romeo communities everywhere. 



Autodelta has a service facility which is second to none: fully trained technicians with the know-how and decades of experience to work on new, used and classic Alfas take charge of the customer’s car, and strive to achieve Autodelta’s highest standards at our modern and comprehensively-equipped workshops. It is vital to have one’s Alfa Romeo serviced at the recommended intervals to maintain and preserve its reliability.


Autodelta isn’t just a premier Alfa Romeo tuning and design house: it also has servicing facilities second to none. A maintenance schedule is paramount to cars running smoothly; having your Alfa (whether it is an Autodelta one or not) regularly serviced in accordance with the marque’s recommendations ensures optimum performance and also plays an important part in protecting its resale value. Take a look at our Servicing Price List and make an appointment.



Should the need for repairs beyond the usual service requirements arise, Autodelta will deal with every query promptly and efficiently, with quotes which, we hope, will be comfortably acceptable and fair.

Style Centre


Our body-kits are exclusive to Autodelta and only available from us and our official importers. When fitted with an Autodelta body kit, any Alfa Romeo will stand out from the crowd even more than the standard models already do.


Designed by a dedicated team of designers, all components are created to enhance the factory styling of Alfa Romeo cars. Autodelta Style Centre takes advantage of the latest production technology, handcrafting the components in automotive-grade GRP (fiberglass). Inspection standards ensure that the final product has the perfect fit and finish.


Autodelta looks are not only distinctive, but also reflective of the owner’s personality and wishes. One’s Alfa Romeo becomes truly special. Whether it is a Brera front bumper, 159 sideskirts, or a Targa top for your Spider, our Style Centre creates custom-made products for individual purposes.   

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