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The 'J' Series
‘J’ stands for ‘Jano’. These models are popular among our range. 


The  Autodelta 156 J11 made its debut at the 1999 London Motor Show, Earls Court, where Autodelta's presence attracted much publicity with a J11, resplendent in the famous pearlescent Azzurro Nuvola livery (with nine layers of paint). The model received widespread media attention and is available in both Sportwagon and saloon guise. The latest version of Autodelta’s ‘hotter’ 156 is code-named J11 EVO and features a striking new makeover inside and out.


The Autodelta 147 J12 and J12 EVO versions are based on the standard Alfa Romeo 147 but have a more distinctive appearance. The former, with its understated looks, is intended to appeal to the conservative Alfa driver, who appreciates the less-is-more approach. The EVO's muscular body styling, on the other hand, aggressively conveys the message that this is not an Alfa 147 to be trifled with. The Autodelta 147 J12 features advanced technology to enhance the EOBD Phase III engines (1.6 Twin Spark and 2.0 Twin Spark) as fitted to Alfa Romeo models since late 2000. 

The 'C' Series
‘C’ stands for ‘Compressore‘


The Autodelta 159 2.2 C (C stands for “Compressore”) is the result of Autodelta's expertise of applying forced induction to the Alfa Romeo JTS direct injection petrol engine range. The excellent all-round capabilities of the Alfa 159’s mechanical architecture blossom into life when harnessed to the supercharging upgrade. Autodelta provides customers with two package levels. The first is commercialised at a highly competitive price, providing the full Autodelta experience in terms of supercharged performance. The second level offers the ultimate experience in driving terms, as every element (engine, exhaust, suspension, braking, wheels and bodywork) has been modified, with a full range of options to suit individual driving requirements. As always, each Autodelta car is built uniquely for its final owner, with every customer’s individual demands met and exceeded by Autodelta engineers.


The Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C redefines Autodelta’s never-ending pursuit of maximum performance and driving pleasure.


The culmination of more than a year’s intense research and development, hard work and innovative thinking, the Brera 3.2 C is fitted with the compact Rotrex C30-94 supercharger with intercooler and remapping, and offers 352 bhp and 435 Nm torque, with an additional 92bhp over the standard model.


The 4-wheel-drive 2+2 sportscar achieves 0-100 km/h in 5.3 seconds while top speed is 260 km/h. Styling changes include a wider front bumper (more air to the supercharger's oil cooler), and a revised rear apron which complements the Brera J5's new stainless exhaust system.


The Spider J6 3.2 C is Autodelta’s no-compromise interpretation of the stunning Alfa Spider, whose immortal design won so many awards. A true future classic, it was Autodelta’s second bespoke model to be based on the exciting ‘new generation’ of Alfa Romeo models, and its market arrival followed the very successful launch of the Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C.


The Autodelta Spider J6 3.2 C evolved from the Brera J5 3.2 C project, but offers new specification. It is the first bearer of the J6 code. 

The 'SUPER' Series


Alfa 156 JTS Super

Autodelta developed the first supercharged version of the highly rated JTS (Jet Thrust Stoichiometric) direct injection petrol engine, in the Alfa 156 JTS, and called it simply ‘Super’. The development team re-engineered the package, bearing in mind EURO4 emission regulations, and remapped the electronics without sacrificing the fuel consumption figures associated with that engine. Power output is up to 220bhp @6600rpm, peak torque delivery is boosted to 192 lb/ft @3400rpm, on a par with Alfa Romeo 156 GTA’s figures. The first Autodelta 156 JTS Super wore a GTA front bumper and sported the same headlights, a sublte Autodelta boot spoiler and clear tail lamps. Other cosmetic packages are always available.


Alfa GT 3.7 Super

With 405bhp on tap, the Autodelta GT 3.7 Super is the most dynamic and powerful version of the Alfa GT Coupé. This car builds on the market success of our 320bhp GT 3.2 Super (2004) and the 341bhp GT 3.2 Super Evo version (2005), by pushing the Alfa V6 engine and chassis package to even more extreme performance levels – achieved without compromising practicality and drivability.

The 3.2-litre engine’s capacity is increased to 3.7-litres, and coupled to the space-efficient Rotrex C38-81 centrifugal supercharger, which results in 375lb/ft of torque. The additional power of the Autodelta GT 3.7 Super is matched by the exclusive bodywork, which includes new bumpers for improved cooling and aerodynamics.


Alfa GTA AM Super

Following the highly successful launch of the 'extreme' 400bhp 3.7-litre Autodelta 147 GTA AM Super in 2005, Autodelta decided to make the Rotrex supercharger performance upgrade available to its bespoke Autodelta 156 GTA AM model. The result is a stunning 400bhp from this ultimate Alfa conversion, which pushes the Alfa 156's chassis to its dynamic limits. New coil-over dampers, with rebound and bound adjustments with separate reservoirs, along with new coil springs were developed for this chassis.

The 'CLASSIC' Series


Autodelta does not concentrate exclusively on modern products, enhancing their performance and looks. Indeed, given the wealth of experience with Alfa Romeo as a brand, many of our projects focus on classics.


Take the Autodelta SZ: only a thousand were ever made, in the early Nineties, and none in right-hand-drive. As for the 200 or so which made it to the UK, it is very possible that, at some stage, Autodelta has worked on every single one of them. Maintenance, tuning, servicing, and advice are what SZ drivers seek and need, turning to Autodelta with their rare car. Autodelta has indeed made the model even rarer, as there are only nine 3.5 Autodelta SZs worldwide, especially created to match the looks to suitable power.  There is even a right-hand-drive version, custom-made by Autodelta, and exported to New Zealand originally. The last time we tracked the car down, it was in Zimbabwe. Of course, work carried out on SZs would have been started when the model was new. Yet, Autodelta treasures the experience and draws from it when it comes to maintaining and servicing what is now a true classic.


The SZ is not the only model Autodelta specialises in, when it comes to past Alfas. From the 101 to the 105 series, to the latest Spider before GM times, we are the experts who will be sympathetic to both the car’s age and the driver’s requirements.  

The first J10s


Autodelta started its own range of enhanced models with the J10 series, heralded by the launch of Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider in 1995. As the models were spectacularly beautiful to look at, but lacking in performance (they were launched in 2.0 Twin Spark versions only), Autodelta set upon the sportscars shortly after their debut and created the highly praised and successful J10 series: with re-worked cams and sympathetic ‘chipping’, the original 2.0 TS engine saw its 150bhp increased to 180bhp (in the GTV) and 175bhp (in the Spider); EVO versions are powered by a 2.0 turbo unit with 220bhp on tap. An Autodelta GTV 2.0 turbo brings a top speed of 152mph and a 0-62mph sprint of just under 6.2 seconds. 

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