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Some of our customers trust us enough to let us know if and when they wish to sell their Alfa Romeo. We cover the sale process too, as part of our ongoing relationship with them; as a result, we have a range of used and nearly new Alfas for sale, as well as classic models.


Of course, those who buy into the brand often have a previous model they wish to sell, and we offer our support to them as well. Buying and selling Alfas and models from other brands is just one more aspect of what we do here at Autodelta. 

Alfa Romeo Brera J5 3.2 Compressore (SOLD)

A rare opportunity to own an Autodelta Brera which has been transformed into a car which has the performance and handling that match the car's stunning looks.


In the last year, in preparation for sale, this car has had new suspension all round, new alloy wheels, new tyres and comes with 10 months MOT - plus a large amount of literature about the car from new, the Autodelta conversion and various Alfa Romeo collector items gathered over the years.


A unique opportunity to purchase a version of one of the most beautiful cars on the road today, with performance and handling as well as it looks. The Autodelta J5 conversion was started on the day the car was purchased brand new and had 1 owner who has cherished it ever since (annual servicing, kept in a garage, regular treatments, etc).

The Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C (C stands for “Compressore”) is a cutting-edge blend of Italian fashion and the pursuit of ultimate performance through advanced technology. It was the culmination of more than a year’s intense research and development as well as hard work and innovative thinking put into application.

The Brera J5 3.2 C’s dedicated supercharger unit is the Rotrex C30-94 - an ultra-compact unit noted for its durability, light inherent weight and compact form (Rotrex superchargers were also chosen by Koenigsegg to power their CCX supercar, which set the record for the fastest production car in the world). The Rotrex C30-94 properties make it perfect for installation in the Brera’s engine bay and installation of its dedicated oil cooler being positioned in an optimum manner to allow maximum air flow via the new Autodelta-designed front bumper.

The Autodelta Brera offers 348 bhp and 430 Nm torque, the additional 88 bhp over the standard model turning this into a powerful four-wheel drive 2+2 sportscar easily capable of fulfilling its driver’s innermost demands and desires. 0-100 km/h is achieved in 5.3 seconds while top speed is 260 km/h. However an Autodelta model is always an all-round player, and the Brera J5 3.2 C is the complete package, fully developed in every area, the result of much of hard work which focused in detail on every aspect of the sports car. The Brera’s engine electronics have been significantly re-mapped to make sure that power is put down in an optimum manner, with a smooth delivery and in perfect synergy with the car’s capabilities.
A stainless-steel exhaust system, created in conjunction with Autodelta’s exhaust development partner Ragazzon, offers optimum gas flow properties as well as a distinct Alfa Romeo exhaust “note” and is immediately recognisable by its quad-oval tail pipes which are each engraved with the Autodelta legend.

The ride quality and height have been re-worked with coil over suspension, being specially developed for the car; while an upgraded braking system perfectly manages the additional requirements demanded of it by all the extra power.

Autodelta is also about style, and this area of the car has not been neglected by their experienced design team. A typical Alfa Romeo driver demands performance with inherent Italian styling; understated but individual. An Autodelta driver also makes these demands, but pushed to a further level; understated charms combined with aggression, sleek yet with the exclusive handcrafted Autodelta tradition instantly recognisable. To achieve these core requirements Autodelta’s designers have evolved the “F1 look” that they first introduced on the Autodelta GT Super in 2004 and then the Autodelta 147 GTA AM Super (2005). With this dashing styling treatment, the front bumper arches upwards to meet the traditional “heart” grille, that most famous of all Alfa Romeo symbols, and one which sets an Alfa Romeo apart from the crowd. This remains the most distinctive feature of the car that Autodelta’s designers seek to amplify, but never challenge. The new front bumper at the same time has been optimised to provide maximum delivery of air to the new supercharger oil cooler via the introduction of extra cooling slots on the bumper’s flanks.

At the rear, the customary Autodelta splitter enhances the curving rump of the Brera. The subtle but distinctive looks of the Brera J5 3.2 C are finally completed by 19-inch OZ Racing Ultraleggera wheels.

Onlookers always comment on the sound - not too loud, but definitely a gorgeous tone which rasps into a metallic raw right up to the 7500rpm limit, accompanied by the supercharger whine - definitely drive with the window down at all times... and the tunnels!

But the extra power still leaves this car planted with fantastic balance, especially coming out of any tight bend - the all-wheel drive being key, with a great rear biased delivery.

Has the glass roof feature (with automatic sliding blind) and Bose sound upgrade. Comes with both unit seen in photo and standard CD/Radio Unit. Viewing and test driving is absolutely a must to 'feel' this car and appreciate it's stunning qualities.

In the last year, in preparation for sale, the car has had new suspension all round, 2 new alloy wheels, new tyres and comes with 10 months MOT - plus a large amount of literature about the car from new, the Autodelta conversion and various Alfa Romeo collector items gathered over the years.

A short video of how the car sounds can be seen here.


Asking Price: £16,995​


To enquire about this car or for further information, please call +44 (0)20 8838 3535 or email

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