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We take your Alfa and turn it into the dream you always had, without compromising on the sporty character and Italian verve.


Unlike many others, we can enhance and improve on the full range of Alfa Romeos, as there is no model with which we are not intimately acquainted. When the tuning industry was in its infancy, in the mid-Nineties, Autodelta had already been successfully modifying and improving cars as diverse as the Alfa 75 and the SZ for over ten years. However, we don’t just tune the heart and cover a wide range of skills ande look after the body as well.

Tuning & remapping

Are you a Supercharger or Turbo person? Either way, we will make sure that your Alfa gets the best possible option. We personalize performance, the Italian way. Of course, extra power should not come at the expense of road-holding and handling, so we take care of ancillaries and other components too, creating our own, bespoke elements.


If tuning is not your preferred choice, there is still the option of plumping for a complete Autodelta new engine.


There is no need to remind Alfa Romeo enthusiasts that servicing and maintenance are keys to the continuous enjoyment of your vehicle, especially if a classic. Alfa Romeos are loyal companions of many a trip, whether on the road or on track, if the appropriate care is lavished upon them. Modern car dealers offer a service which is limited to their range of expertise. Autodelta’s equipment, manpower and know-how stretched across six decades of the finest Italian offering. If it’s worth owning, it is worth servicing it properly. 


Take a look at our price list and make an appointment today.

J-series cars

If a customer does not have specific requirements, bar an improvement in performance and unique looks, Autodelta can change any car into a J-series model: ‘J’ stands for ‘Jano’, and the owner of a business which started in 1987 is still personally in charge of your project, and will oversee every single car booked in with us for the Autodelta treatment.


J-series Alfas have sportier looks and an even sportier road behaviour than factory cars. 


If J-cars are not enough for the out-and-out enthusiast, Autodelta will design, manufacture, test-drive and create the ultimate bespoke model according to the customer’s wishes.


Although based on standard Alfa Romeos, bespoke Autodelta vehicles will never go unnoticed, and will yield exceptional performance whether on the road or on track. Autodelta maintains and services bespoke models exactly to the same standards as factory cars, believing that a unique car which keeps its owner satisfied is the best business card for a company which has never specialized in anything else but Alfa Romeos.     

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